Exterior wood siding home upkeep?

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By: chipmunk
5/30/2020 9:39 AM

Hi! I'm considering a move to Hilton Head Island and have been looking at real estate - question - How much on average would you say you spend to upkeep the exterior of your home? Not necessarily landscaping, but replacing wood siding and re-painting, etc. Thanks!!

By: Dave
7/29/2020 8:53 AM

I haven't looked at this board in a while but coincidentally saw this question right after having replaced some siding. Our house was built in '79 and has the original cypress ship lap vertical siding. Some boards were showing some rot at the bottom, despite having kept the ground cover away from it. There's no question that the weather (heat, wind, rain,etc.) is hard on a house down here but the paint seems to hold up pretty well. I had a friend who knew how to do the ship lap siding and instructed me through it. Then I did some other sections on my own. The biggest problem was that the new boards were a little more narrow than the original which meant it wasn't a direct replacement. Anyway the original siding has lasted over 40 years, so no complaints.