Locals' summer

By: Elena80
5/6/2019 8:42 AM

Hi y'all! I am looking to purchase a business on HHI but i would like to understand the demographics before I finalize it. The business I am interested in relies heavily on local homeowners, so the question I have is this. Is it pretty common for local retirees to "summer" somewhere north? In other words: is there a notable change in population during summer? Thanks for your comments!

By: Will
5/6/2019 2:05 PM

Hi Elena80,

The population certainly swells in the summer months as many, many vacationers flock to Hilton Head. I personally know a resident who does go north in the summer months to s second home. I'm not sure what the percentage of people who split time between homes in the summer and winter months, but I'm sure there is a fair number who do. Hilton Head Island is fairly affluent, so there would be people with the means to do so.

However, HHI is fairly temperate, so I doubt you would have as many who travel north in the summer as you may find in Florida. It's more pleasant year-round than places to the north or south. I'd be curious to hear other opinions.

What is the business you are considering?


By: Elena80
5/6/2019 2:31 PM

Will thanks for your input, i appreciate it. I can't say the name of the business of course, but it has to do with home improvement which is why its important for me to understand the dynamics of the community. I currently reside in town where we have a huge number of "winter birds" and thus we definitely have slow and busy seasons.