SERG group buys CharBar, Holy Tequila

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By: Rob
4/10/2019 1:28 PM

HILTON HEAD, S.C. (WSAV) - Southeast Entertainment Restaurant Group (SERG) Group is already Hilton Head Island's biggest employer, and now it is adding more restaurants and employees.

SERG recently announced it has acquired Whiskey Room, Charbar and Holy Tequila.

Alan Wolf and Steve Carb, SERG Group partners, tell News 3 they were approached to buy the local spots on Hilton Head's South End and believe they are a perfect fit for the SERG brand.

SERG does not have a Latin American restaurant of any kind, nor a whiskey room.

The pair says the additions will give them even more options for customers when they roll out a loyalty program in the next few months.

SERG now has 15 different restaurants on the Island and employs more than 1100 people.

The restaurant group is not done yet. It has already announced plans for a One Hot Mama's location in Bluffton, and Carb tells News 3 that a Frankie Bones is also adding a Bluffton location soon.

By: Will
4/21/2019 4:51 PM


I fall into the camp that thinks consolidation is a bad thing when it comes to the restaurant business. They look for an economy of means with things like food suppliers and standard procedures. It might be good for technology companies, but rarely is good for restaurants. We'll have to wait and see, but I expect to see SysCo trucks pulling up to all of these restaurants in the near future. Sick smiley