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By: Sandytoes
1/22/2019 6:53 PM

I am planning a spring trip to Hilton Head for my family of four. My father in law visited in 2006 and highly recommends Sea Pines so that's where we're looking. The research has fallen to me and I have and I have found loads of information. Sea Pines is very kid friendly according to all I've read from multiple sources. This is a big plus with two active children aged five and eight years old. So my question is about mosquitoes. How bad are they and have their been cases of mosquito borne illness? My fear is zika and I can't find much information online about Sea Pines and recent cases.

By: Allison HHI
1/28/2019 8:34 PM

Someone commented on how few mosquitoes were on Hilton Head Island last summer. They must use some really good program to kill all the little blood suckers. We use Avon's Skin So Soft and it works well and smells better than all the others. I want to say its safe for kids but don't quote me on that. Hilton Head hasn't had any cases of Zika that I know of. Relax and enjoy your first vacation there. I know it won't be your last smiley

By: Dave
1/29/2019 5:04 PM

Depends on when you're here. The official SC handshake is waving your hand in front of your face to clear the bugs. We have lots of mosquitos (and every other kind of bug you can think of) in the summer time but I have never heard of any cases of zika here (in the paper or word of mouth). Sea Pines and Palmetto Dunes are the two main tourist areas. Bring some bug spray and sun block...you'll be fine.--Dave

By: Sandytoes
2/1/2019 5:32 PM

I'm relieved to hear no zika cases reported for the area. We will come prepared for mosquitoes and any other creepy crawleys we may encounter. Thank you.