Big buoy on the beach

By: Trevor
10/8/2018 6:00 PM

What was the plan for replacing the giant red buoy that washed up on South Forest Beach? I remember someone wanted to replace it with another one after the Coast Guard had the original hauled way last October. Is that idea still afloat or was is shot down? I searched for follow up stories without finding any. Do any of you local Hilton Head residents have an inside scoop?

By: Rob
10/18/2018 4:37 PM

Hey Trevor - the original buoy has been returned from where it came, but the SERG group has made a replica. They have installed it between Skull Creek Boathouse and their new restaurant, Skull Creek Dockside (the old Chart House). Great photo op of the buoy on shore by the creek.

By: Trevor
10/22/2018 6:17 PM

Appreciate it Rob. I don't know where Skull Creek Boathouse is but I can google it as well as the next guy. I want a picture with the thing even if it's just a replica.