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By: Will
9/12/2018 3:14 PM

It looks like the path of category 4 hurricane Florence is turning south and moving into South Carolina. I know Myrtle Beach is in the cross hairs now, but I wonder what, if any impact Hilton Head island will feel. Has anyone heard/read any detailed forecasts for tidal surges or winds?

By: Will
9/12/2018 3:16 PM

This is the 2 PM update from the National Hurricane Center and you can see the impact zone continues to creep south towards HHI. Not good news at all.

By: Dave
9/12/2018 4:10 PM

Here's the latest email from our POA:

September 12, 2018 3:30 PM

Hurricane Florence Update

Present Status
•Hurricane Florence is expected to continue its northwest route today and tomorrow, making its approach toward the coast of North and South Carolina with an anticipated arrival Friday morning.
•Tropical Storm Force Winds will arrive HERE likely beginning sometime tomorrow.
•After Friday, the forecast is uncertain. The storm may stall and move south bringing its dangerous winds, rains, and surges toward us.
•Even if Florence misses us, and we all hope that she does, we may experience storm surges since we are in the Lowcountry.
•Hilton Head Plantation is in full Hurricane Prep mode.
•The POA Offices will be closed tomorrow Thursday, September 13 , to allow staff to secure their homes and families.
•Security will remain on station for the present, That my change with the severity of the storm conditions.
•The Governor has not yet reinstated the mandatory evacuation order for Beaufort County, however, all local, regional and state resources stand ready to do so when and if he makes that call. And if he does, we need to heed it quickly, as the approaching weather conditions will call for efficient actions in order to evacuate safely before the storm conditions persist.
•If any resident is uncomfortable with the current uncertainty of the forecast, or knows for sure that they are positioned in a location prone to flooding and surge , we urge you to identify accommodations and depart.
•Flooding can be expected if we experience storm surge, on a high tide along with prolonged periods of heavy rain.

Important Closings:
•Beaufort County Schools and Hilton Head Island Government Offices will be closed until further notice.
•Hilton Head Hospital is currently operating under normal conditions.

While we are not under a mandatory evacuation, many are leaving for "higher ground". That being said, many are staying. The forecast to the weekend looks pretty good. Played golf today on a warm muggy day. We will leave tomorrow to head over to Tallahassee where my wife's brother lives. Lord have mercy on us and our little island!

By: Will
9/12/2018 4:32 PM

Thanks for the detailed update, Dave. Excellent info. It looks like you're far enough away from the hurricane to stay safe on Hilton Head, but heading for Florida sounds like a wise decision. Have a good trip to Tallahassee.

By: Dave
9/12/2018 6:00 PM

Calm before the storm...this is what it looked like about an hour ago looking out to the ocean. The TV is encouraging everyone who is able to leave and they recommend GA or FL. My wife's single, engineer brother who is renovating a home in Tallahassee said "yeah, come on over. I'll hose out the place for you." We'll be staying in a pet friendly hotel.

By: Dave
9/16/2018 9:29 AM

Wasted trip to leave. Back home and it was a nonevent here...thank you, Lord. Many left but many stayed once the evacuation order was lifted. Rain expected tomorrow--Monday.