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By: Ron1960
8/27/2018 7:55 PM

Please excuse the following rant about the Island Packet's new site. I visited the i.P. website to read more on the unfortunate woman killed by an alligator in Sea Pines last week. My experience went like this. They let me read one article before announcing that that was all I could see without being a paid subscriber. They added video ads that start playing automatically and are hard to get find and close. I was redirected to a suspicious website by an ad I didn't intentionally click on. Finally, it feels like 200% more ads are now in the body of each article. I enjoy the Packet and read it from time to time to keep up with the news on HHI. Their new approach is a huge turn off and I will now find my Hilton Head news elsewhere. It is their right to run the business as they see fit, but charging for news is a bad idea most new outlets are going away from. Rant over.