Thursday 8/3 Sunrise On The Beach

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By: Will
8/2/2018 5:53 PM

Well, our wonderful week on Hilton Head continues. This morning's sunrise was spectacular and the weather continues to hold. We've have brief rain showers here and there, but we've been able to spend plenty of time on the beach every day. So far this trip we've:

1. Eaten at Hudson's and San Miguel's.
2. Bought 2.5 pounds of extra large shrimp from the seafood market to do our own shrimp boil.
3. Gone on a dolphin tour.
4. Seen the Harbour Town Lighthouse in Sea Pines (The gate fee is now $8.00)
5. Caught the fireworks at Shelter Cove Tuesday night.
6. Spent many hours on the beach, swimming, walking and enjoying the ocean breezes.
7. Visited Coligny Plaza and the Tangier Outlets
8. Spent some great family time, playing board and card games at night.
9. Gone for night time walks on the beach with flashlights.
10. Slept as late as we wanted to each day.

We've had a blast and still have a couple of days to go. Life is good!


By: JohnnyT
8/2/2018 8:42 PM

The pics are awesome Will...keep them coming. Ahhhh, Hudson's seafood, some of my earliest memories are of HHI and we always went to Hudson's and Coligny Plaza (Western Auto for fishing supplies and the Red and White for groceries which is now the piggly wiggly).

Curious, did I hear that the Holiday Inn at Coligny circle has been renovated? Is it still affiliated with Holiday Inn or is it a stand alone condo now?

Have fun with your remaining days on the island!


By: we-luv-hhi
8/3/2018 5:27 PM

Sounds like you're having a great time love the pictures .. we got our villa parking passes and key code in the mail today woo hoo smiley smiley

By: Will
8/3/2018 6:52 PM


Thank you for your compliments on my picture. Not sure about the Holiday Inn. I didn't know there were plans to renovate it.If we get over there tonight, I will take a look.


By: Will
8/3/2018 6:54 PM


We have had a great vacation and I am not ready for it to be over yet. I know how exciting it is to get those parking passes in the mail and the key code. Good times! I hope you will post about your trip when you have time.