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By: KCH1
5/17/2018 10:19 AM

Hi everyone!

I am planning an anniversary trip to Hilton Head and want to stay is Sea Pines. I read that you need a gate pass to get into the area. Can I buy a pass online? My MIL was there years ago and is adamant that a gate pass is required for Sea Pines resort. I don't understand why I need to buy a pass to be able to get to my vacation rental, but it won't stop me from enjoying myself.

By: JohnnyT
5/17/2018 1:12 PM

You will be issued a pass when you check in at the welcome center.


By: Lyndy
5/17/2018 4:44 PM

you will need a pass even if you are staying in Sea Pines. looks like you no longer get it at the welcome center. check with the rental company

By: KCH1
5/17/2018 5:48 PM

Thank you for the link to the article. Here's what I gathered from the story - The gate pass is part of the rental fees and it will be mailed to me about two weeks ahead of my trip. I'll call my rental company Island Getaways to confirm this. That's one item checked off of my to do list.

By: JohnnyT
5/18/2018 7:21 AM

I usually tent thru sea pines somno change for me. Good to know though...just dont lose your pass before getting there!

By: JohnnyT
5/18/2018 7:24 AM

I hate these phones...big fingers and spellcheck doesnt mix! Anyway, have fun in sea pines and on the island.


By: KCH1
5/18/2018 7:48 AM

You rent through Sea Pines directly? I was told to use Island Getaways by my MIL. I'm going to look at Sea Pines because it seems Island Getaways has most of their rentals in Palmetto Dunes. This is fun for me because I LOVE planning trips and finding a vacation home is the best part. I hope there are some good choices remaining now that I'm off to a very late start. Thanks all

By: JohnnyT
5/18/2018 7:51 AM

Go to They have had some specials lately. ??

By: LKNgirl
6/6/2018 9:22 PM

In Charlotte, when we say we are going to the beach, we mean Sea Pines! Im bias, I rent a cute bungalow near the beach,
its on VRBO...Smith Bungalow. You will have a great time in Sea Pines, so much to do!! Enjoy!

By: Sandytoes
2/1/2019 5:34 PM

I found this discussion interesting. What is the gate pass fee for Sea Pines for 2019? I see that we don't have to pay for a pass if we stay in the resort.

By: Will
2/2/2019 9:48 AM


Welcome to the message board. It's always good to have new people join. The gate pass for Sea Pines this year is $8 for a day pass. As you stated, you won't have to pay the daily fee if you're staying in the plantation. Below is a link to Sea Pines' website that details the gate pass pricing and rules. Feel free to ask any other questions about your first visit to Hilton Head.