A beautiful evening on the beach at Hilton Head

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By: Will
4/1/2018 7:27 PM

It's a beautiful evening on Hilton Head Island. Take a look at the beach on the webcam. This one is from Burke's Beach, taken just a few minutes ago.


By: Jean H.
4/3/2018 6:27 PM

Oh, look at all the lucky people on the beach. 29928 is one of three zip codes I have programmed into the weather widget on my phone. The current temperature is 72 and sunny. I'm working late tonight and watching the webcam from Harbor Town. There are people everywhere and the flags are gently blowing in the breeze. I can almost smell the salt air and feel the sunshine on my face from here. Come on summer! I am beyond ready to put my toes in the sand again for a couple of weeks.