Weird things that wash up on the beach

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By: Will
3/13/2018 5:45 PM

I found this beauty washed up on the beach this past summer. People refer to them as cannonball jellyfish and the scientific name is Stomolophus meleagris. They can get large and are heavy. They don't sting, but they can excrete a toxin that can cause cardiac issues in animals and even humans (according to Wikipedia). Believe it or not, these are commercially fished and sold dried to Asian markets including China and Japan. I don't think I'd eat one, but never say never...


By: Jean H.
3/13/2018 5:56 PM

Eat them??!?! If you smell one drying out in the sun you will get sick to your stomach. You couldn't pay me to eat one of those no matter how its cooked. Yuck!