2017 Total Solar Eclipse For Hilton Head

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By: Will
8/15/2017 8:17 PM

On Monday August 21, a total eclipse of the Sun is visible from within a narrow corridor that traverses the United States. For Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, it will begin at 1:15 PM and go until shortly after 4:00 PM. The maximum eclipse effect will be seen 2:46 PM, weather permitting.

Do not look directly at the eclipse without special eye protection as it could permanently damage your vision.


By: Darlene
8/17/2017 7:20 PM

That would be amazing to be there for the total eclipse event on Monday. I read on CNN today that the next one over the US won't be until 2024 and take a totally different route. Is anyone going to be there Monday for this one? Will it be clear or cloudy?